VersionSizeRequirementsDate and up13/11/2020
1.14.60120.65MB4.4 and up23/06/2020 and up03/11/2020 and up02/11/2019 and up30/10/2019 and up21/10/2019 and up13/10/2019 and up05/10/2019 and up12/09/2019 and up08/09/2019 and up25/08/2019 and up18/08/2019 and up15/07/2019 and up13/07/2019 and up29/06/2019 and up25/06/2019 and up21/06/2019 and up12/06/2019 and up05/06/2019 and up04/05/2019 and up04/05/2019 and up14/04/2021 and up02/05/2019 and up20/04/2019 and up22/04/2019 and up17/04/2019 and up02/04/2019 and up17/03/2019 and up10/03/2019 and up25/02/2019 and up17/02/2021 and up16/02/2019 and up15/02/2019 and up14/02/2021
v1. and up16/04/2021
v1.14.1.590.4MB4.2 and up04/01/2020
v1.13.01525.6 MB4.2 and up30/08/2019 MB | 97 MB Varies with device4.2 and up29/06/2019